We taking care of you that’s the reason why the warranty covers defects in the materials used in your mattress and box spring, manufactured by HoneySleep, used under normal conditions. The warranty does not cover discomfort problems beyond your first 100 nights trial.

Body prints of less than 2inches are not considered a defect. This is a feature of normal wear and can be excluded from the warranty. A loss of firmness in the foams is also a matter of normal wear.
Replacing one item does not necessarily mean replacing the other. If, for example, only the mattress has been tested defective, only the mattress will be replaced as needed.

This complete warranty is only valid if the mattress has been used on its corresponding base or on a platform bed with central support. The warranty is halved if the mattress is damaged by an inappropriate box spring. The Honey mattress has been designed to provide its maximum performance when used with its original box spring. The mattress set must be equipped with an equally appropriate bed frame.

This limited warranty is guaranteed only to the original owner with the support of his proof of purchase.
An inspection revealing a lack of hygiene or inappropriate use in unsanitary conditions will cancel the entire warranty.

This warranty does not apply to fabrics, yarn and seams unless there is a real apparent defect. In this situation the customer will have to provide proof that his mattress has indeed been protected by a mattress cover.

100% Satisfied Guarantee

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The Honey mattress is quickly shipped in a box directly to your home all across Canada. *Fees may apply for certain regions.

100 Nights Trial

Try our Honey mattress and if you’re not satisfied during the first 100-nights we’ll pay you back. No more complicated than that!

Made in Canada

Did you know that the Honey mattress is made here in Canada? Yes! Our sleep specialists are constantly working to analyze the sleep patterns of Canadians to meet the needs of Canadian consumers.

Unbox your Honey

All our products are delivered to your door in an 100% recycling cardboard boxes. Even the mattresses!

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