About Us

It all started in 2018 on a Wednesday morning 6:00am.

The dial rings, the coffee machine is already working.

I have to be honest, it’s rather painful. Again, a bad night’s sleep just passed. The day will be long … I already thank the coffee machine for helping me in all my personal and professional achievements.

The idea of ​​changing our mattress has been on the agenda for several months. Let’s say, there’s more interesting conversations and activities to do.

But what are we doing?


Just the idea of ​​going to the store is not easy. My work schedule combined with my spouse’s weekly occupations makes it almost impossible to have quality free time to go shopping.

And the weekend is coming, my only free time outside the hours that I give to my work, I like to take advantage of it to do what I like! It is almost impossible for me to consider spending time in traffic and go shopping. Try a dozen of mattresses that say it will most likely be comfortable compared to my current mattress. It will not be hard to beat!

Make 2-3 stores here and there and hear the sale peoples explaining me all over these mattresses, promotion, not in promotion and just understand nothing about what they just said and when my only desire is to sleep well.

After all, it will be necessary to schedule the delivery not when I will be available but when my local dealer will be available.  Thinking about spending a few hours sitting, waiting for this delivery guy it depletes me. This scenario I think about it every morning for months.


Why not afford a comfortable mattress, made here in Canada, in a few clicks in the comfort of my home and when I want.

The delivery? The mattress will be delivered directly to my door in a few days by mail. It’s beyond all that started for us at Honey!